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Latest Takes
Dave receives the Audio Engineering Society's Fellowship Award.
November 2015
For a series called "Artists in their Own Words," KCUR's Laura Spencer met up with composer David Moulton and artist Lajos Héder during the installation.
December 2011
Creating loudspeaker music for a large space.
October 2011
Two of Dave's surround mixes were nominated for the Independent Music Awards, one wins!
December 2005
A year in review.
September 2002
Discussing the limits of music specifically composed for performance playback on a set of surround sound loudspeakers.
June 2002
Sound Sculptures by David Moulton
February 2002
Dave gets dragged into the 21st century with high-resolution audio.
January 2002
Bad Audio and the Meaning of TV At A Time Like This. A piece from 2001.
November 2001
Can Glitz ‘n Glamour Seduce Our Intrepid Audio Explorer? You Bet!
June 2000
George Crumb's Ancient Voices of Children for "Best Engineered Classical Album"
January 2000
Regarding Acoustics of Control Rooms and Loudspeakers.
February 1999
Three Not-So-Easy Pieces About Starting Over: Care And Feeding Of The Median Plane.
June 1994
Where Audio Hits The Air, The Zen Of Specs Takes On A Whole New Outlook. Dave loses it when it comes to fan noise (and he doesn't mean the cheering of his readers, either!).
April 1994
Dave's adventure, continued. Monitoring.
April 1994
My own personal life adventure building a home studio. This adventure is recounted in a series of "Starting Over" articles.
April 1994
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